Royal Magazine

What do they call a burger in France?

Royal Magazine is a typographic exploration as well as an investigation of the digital and print reading experience through a magazine about burgers.

Royal Magazine merges the best parts of the physical and digital reading experience to create a hybrid print piece that challenges the notion of “print dying”. Digital readers enjoy navigating through related articles. As a response, Royal Magazine has related articles printed into the borders of the pages. Print readers love the ability to feel how far they have read. As a response, Royal Magazine focuses on that affinity and has its border gradient from red to yellow as the reader progresses through the magazine. 

Royal Magazine deeply investigates the burger culture. All of the content in Royal Magazine is custom made with the exception of the advertisements. This includes all of the food typography, photography, articles written, interview conducted, and the magazine layout.

"Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well."

"Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well."

Royal Magazine design is directed by its ambition to contribute to the print reading experience. Design choices like the strong sans-serif typeface and the minimal multifaceted layout are all contributing to merging the digital and print reading experience.

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Burgers + Visual Language = Tasteful Design

Burgers + Visual Language = Tasteful Design

Royal Magazine creates beautiful and unique food photography concentrating on the food and the experience. Royal Magazine’s photography is a merger of food and lifestyle photography. To further enhance the reading experience and extend the visual language, Royal Magazine includes handcrafted food typography.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

The process of creating Royal Magazine begins with conceiving over one hundred different article concepts associated with burgers. Diving this deep into a topic demands Royal Magazine find and interpret all the interesting facets of a seemingly narrow topic.

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