How do we make a government for the people, of the people?

Using the one tool that everyone has, a smartphone, Rank&File turns every phone into a portal into the government. The whole process of making a report has been reduced drastically to a single tap. Now we can report and keep track of all the issues we see in our community and make sure they get fixed.

The entire process of civic engagement is too complicated. There are too many people asking too many questions that our smartphones can answer. Rank&File uses all the information our phones can already collect, like location and images of the problem, then send it to the correct authority. Also, since users are controlling their own complaints, they have all the power to track and update their complaints.

Rank&File’s interaction design maximizes the effectiveness of a single tap by making each gesture as meaningful as possible.

"A User Interface Is Like a Joke. It's Not Good If You Have to Explain It"

"A User Interface Is Like a Joke. It's Not Good If You Have to Explain It"

Rank&File’s interaction design is simple enough for anyone to understand. By choosing the complaint type, an image and the location of the issue is recorded while the appropriate agency is identified.  This process normally takes ten to forty minutes contacting 311.

Social Network + Organization = Government

Social Network + Organization = Government

Rank&File’s allows users to organize and become a watchdog agency. Agencies and officials finally have a collective of their constituents to respond to. Because Rank&File helps users make more informed voting decisions, elected officials can now be hired and fired based on their effectiveness.

Power to the People

Power to the People

Rank&File’s is also designed to be an informative tool. By using Rank&File, users can learn who all their elected officials are and what types of complaints they can make in their neighborhood. Regardless of socioeconomic status, all people governed by the constitution should have equal access to government. Rank&File is a step in that direction.