After Effects + Cinema 4D

Motion Pieces

What happens when you mix 3D modeling, animation, design thinking, and graphic design?

Motion Pieces is a collection of time-based media that demonstrate the possibilities of merging technologies, materials, techniques, and disciplines. Each piece utilizes two unique programs, at a minimum, to discover the value of collaboration between technologies and disciplines. 

Each piece’s content influences the chosen technologies. Motion Pieces communicates unique themes and concepts in an array of formats and mediums to interpret each piece’s content. The diverse array of content in this collection pushes the concept, the medium being the message, to a digital environment. Each piece highlights connectedness and individuality of divergent techniques on a digital platform.

Motion Pieces takes advantage of a wide range of technologies including Cinema 4D, After Effects, photography, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and cinematography. The process of each video is informed by graphic design, motion design, film making, sculpture, and spatial design methodologies.

After Effects + Cinema 4D

After Effects + Cinema 4D

Photoshop + Illustrator + After Effects

Cinema 4D + Premiere Pro

After Effects + Paper