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Luck Companies Website


Luck Companies Website



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Phase 1



Luck Companies needed a tool to help them achieve their new business goal of growing the company through talent and quarry acquisitions.


Research and Personas

After doing an audit of the Luck Company's current site's content and user base, we unearthed an additional goal of making Luck Companies philanthropic efforts more transparent.

We performed interviews with stakeholders of the Luck Companies brand and looked through their site's analytics. By comparing the interviews to the analytics, we discovered who the current users are, and the users Luck companies wanted to target. Then, we created personas for the potential new hires, quarry owners, and potential grantees that reflect their goals, pain points, and most importantly, their mindsets.


User Flows

Led by each persona's mindset, we developed flow charts to inform our content flow, call to actions, and information architecture. Including emotional indicators helped us visualize where the pain points in the flow exist, and design the experience to ensure users are experiencing delight often and for long durations.

A technical constraint introduced during this phase was the separation of the job portal and the Luck Companies career page. With this in mind, we designed the flow to serve relevant information, like benefits, to the user before they got to the portal, giving the Careers page meaning and help users understand Luck Companies' work culture before making their decision. the Careers page meaning and help users understand Luck Companies’ work culture before making their decision.

High Level Flow and Information Architecture

After developing the user flows, we used our discoveries to outline the site and construct an information architecture. These high level flows allowed us to realize where the user flows disconnect and make sure all the content was accounted for in the larger system.


Phase 2


I knew that Luck Companies wanted to showcase their mission as a tool to achieve their business goal. I creatively made the mission statement more succinct to allow it to function as the site's navigation. I also designed across multiple breakpoints simultaneously to allow our personas that access information in multiple environments to have similar delightful experiences.



The wireframes experienced multiple iterations and changes as they were tested. I discovered the hybrid mission statement navigation feature was not recognized and users were lost without familiar navigation. 

I created a traditional navigation to accompany the mission statement that served a greater role. The navigation screen served as a central hub of information, including all the site's pages, the press kit, and all the avenues available to contact the company.



Using the wireframes, I animated our intended interactivity in After Effects for our developers. The interaction adds to the delight of the experience while keeping the experience continuous, unobstructed and enjoyable.

The video backgrounds on the "Our Businesses" page further communicate the description of the business while quickening the communication of the description.

One of my most important goals as I design experiences is to make sure I'm not taking advantage of the limited attention economy of the user. I aim to communicate quickly, effectively, and delightfully.


Phase 3

Visual Design and Launch

All the feedback from Luck Companies has been great. They are extremely happy with the new site and are anxious for us to develop their company sites.

Also, the Luck Companies site received an honorable mention from Awwwards.



Shortly following the launch of the site, Luck Companies has acquired multiple quarries and have attracted new talent to both their existing and new locations.