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How many digital friends equal one real one?

Engauge is a wearable technology system that combats the exclusion and loneliness that social media invents. Engauge encourages users to maintain relationships with loved ones and close friends by rewarding user’s more personal methods of contact. Engauge also assists users without a strong social circle in creating one. 

Social media alienates people and creates an illusion of a social circle. Although a person can accumulate thousands of virtual friends, they often fail to fulfill intrinsic desires. When a person fails to fulfill their life needs, the emptiness it creates is damaging to all forms of our health. 

Engauge’s user experience design keeps user’s aware of their social health score. The interaction design connects users to the most neglected friends simply and intuitively. Each wearable device is a 3D designed and 3D printed contemporary fashion piece, and the visual language for the system reinforces that.

"Recognizing the Need Is the Primary Condition for Design."

"Recognizing the Need Is the Primary Condition for Design."

Engauge creates a “Social Health Score” that keeps users aware of the status of their relationships and alerts users when it becomes dangerously low. Engauge's app component monitors and scores user’s interactions by measuring how intimate they are, ranging from meeting ups, phone calls, or a text.

Friends + Moments = Happiness

Friends + Moments = Happiness

Engauge’s user experience strategy keeps contacting friends and family the primary action in each modal. Also, by focusing the user’s awareness on the duration since they last contacted members of their social circle, Enguage prevents users from treating there loved ones as points or collectables.

As Comfortable as an Old Shoe

As Comfortable as an Old Shoe

Each Engauge ring is customizable to match the user's personality. Each ring contains haptic technology that further encourages maintaining a high Social Health Score by vibrating when the user interacts with their smartphone in the presence of a fellow user.

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