Academic Planner

Ever wish your parents understood you without having to explain yourself?

The College Board already has an online tool for students to prepare for college, called Big Future. The Academic Planner is designed to complement the online tool while persuading students and parents to use their guidance counselors. For low-income college goers, the Academic Planner also allows parents an entry point into the discussion of college.

Most low-income students parents aren’t well versed in the process of preparing for college, but all parents have their child’s guidance counselor to assist them. Since the high school guidance counselor is one of the most underutilized resources for low-income families, every inch of the Academic Planner points parents and students to their best online and physical resources. 

The Academic Planner uses typography and the affordances of paper to create a self-mailing poster that transforms to work best in the environment it lives in.

"Creativity Is to Discover a Question That Has Never Been Asked"

"Creativity Is to Discover a Question That Has Never Been Asked"

The Academic planner asks, how do we create printed tools that compliment, rather than compete with, digital tools? Both the College Board’s online planning tool, BigFuture, and the Academic Planner work independently but are more effective when paired.

Empathy + Understanding = Effective Solutions

Empathy + Understanding = Effective Solutions

The Academic planner is designed with compassion for the students. By visiting studies online and performing ethnographic research, the Academic planner uses a wealth of knowledge to create a tool that all members of a student academic life can use.

Giving It the Old College Try

Giving It the Old College Try

On one side, the planner is a step-by-step guide through the college application process. The reverse side of the planner has been, and continues to be, hung on high school walls.  The design affords the planner usefulness in multiple environments.